Todd Bertuzzi
Todd Bertuzzi was born on February 2nd 1975, and is a professional hockey player in the NHL. He started his hockey career on the Guelph Storm in the Ontario Hockey League where he played four seasons. He was descibed by his coaches as a physical, and a strong forechecker that battles hard in front of the net. In 1993, he was drafted 23rd overall in the NHL entry draft by the New York Islanders.He then played with the Florida Panthers, several seasons with the Vancouver Canucks, and then on to the Anahiem Ducks,the Calgary Flames,and the Detroit Red Wings which he plays for to this day.

In March 2004, Bertuzzi was a member of the Vancouver Canucks. They were playing the Colorado Avalanche, when Bertuzzi grabbed the back of his opponent Steve Moore's jersey and started pounding him in the back of the head with his fist, as another players were piling on top of Moore. Moore was motionless on the ice and was taken off on a stretcher. He was rushed to the hospital and suffered three fractured vertebrae, a grade three concussion, vertebral ligament damage, stretching of the brachial plexus nerves and face lacerations. This injury was so serious that it ended Moores career. Previous to Bertuzzi's attack, Moore had injured the Canucks captain Marcus Naslund giving him a mild concussion and a bone chip in his elbow. Bertuzzi had been following Moore on the ice taunting him to fight to get him back for what he had done to his captain.
Bertuzzi's head shot on Moore
Bertuzzi's head shot on Moore

Todd Bertuzzi was indefinately suspended until the end of the year missing 13 regular season games and 7 playoff games by the NHL and the IIHF. The Canucks were fined $250,000. The following year 2004-2005 the NHL was going through a lockdown and many players went to Europe to play. Bertuzzi's suspension was extended by the IIHF so he lost that opportunity. He was not allowed to play in the World Cup of hockey, two world championships and in any European league. On top of the suspension, Bertuzzi lost $501, 926, 39 of his salary and about $350,000 in endorsements. This lost was stressful and emotional for his family and he was very sincere and apologetic for his actions. Bertuzzi was allowed back into the league after his 17 month suspension which was one of the longest suspensions in history.
Todd Bertuzzi, reaction after injuring Moore

After the four month investigation, Bertuzzi was finally charged with assault causing bodily harm. Bertuzzi served a year and a half in prison. Bertuzzi later pled guilty to the charge and was allowed a conditional discharge in which he had to do 80 community service hours and one year of probation. Once this was completed, his criminal record was wiped under the Canadian Law. Moore filed a lawsuit in Denver on Bertuzzi, the Canucks head coach, the General Manager, and the company that owned the Vancouver Canucks. The lawsuit was throw out by the judge because she thought it was more appropriate to be held in Canadian courts,where the incident happened and the participants resided. Moore filed another lawsuit seeking $15 million for the loss of his income, 1$ million for agravated damages and $2 million for punative damages. Moore's parents were watching the game on television, and sued for $1.5 million for "negliegent infliction of nervous shock and mental distress". Moore ended up recieving $35 million for his loss of income and $3.5 million for his family.

In my opinion, Bertuzzi was punished fairly with his suspension and charges. He was very upset with what he had done to Moore and he had no intentions of injuring him so severely that it ended his career and I think it would be unrealistic to ban Bertuzzi from hockey forever. Bertuzzi apologized to Moore and his family for his actions. "I am truly sorry. I dont play the game that way, I am not a mean spirited person." Bertuzzi had lost his cool with Moore, and the hit on Naslund is what triggered the whole incident. Although it got out of hand, I think Moore should have expected some sort of revenge after his hit on Naslund.

1) Todd Bertuzzi's career path.
2) The motive and results of the incident.
3) The legal consequences for Bertuzzi after the incident.
4) The fight and the apology to Moore.
5) The injuries and lawsuits filed by Moore.